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Puppy Packages

When you leave your puppy with Park City Dog Center, we strive to provide an environment that encourages, enriches and expands the confident development of your puppy.

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  • What does my puppy need to stay?
    Because puppies have developing immune systems, we ask that they are up to date on vaccinations, including rabies, at least two weeks prior to staying with us. We strongly recommend bringing their current food and an item or two that smells like home (ideally nothing that cannot be destroyed as they may chew on the item during their stay). With the current medical research suggesting health benefits to maintaining intact dogs through adolescence, we do not require that puppies under 1yr are spayed or neutered; however, puppies may require individual playtime due to developing hormone driven behavior (additional fee may apply). If your puppy is enrolled in Boarding School, our trainer may request that you bring additional items to aid in his/her training sessions.
  • What packages are available for my puppy?
    Our k9 Concierges can create a unique retreat experience for your puppy adding items to our Weekend Retreat such as: upgraded treats or tuck in blankets individual playtime for those that love one on one games snuggle sessions in our Cozy Corner Couch extra play group outing In addition to these things, Boarding School pups can also select leashed enighborhood walks, off campus adventures and even spending time in our trainer's home working on settling down in a real home environment.
  • When/Where will my puppy eat?
    We try to follow your home routine as much as possible. For dogs under one year of age, we offer three separate meal times with a minimum of 5 minutes of quiet time before and after to ensure a settled gastro-intestinal tract during meals times. For extra-large breed puppies, we require an extended quiet time before and after each meal to reduce the risk of bloat. Each puppy is fed in their kennel or crate as recommended by their training program or owner instruction. Boarding School puppies will be fed at least three times per day in varying puzzle/slow feed bowls or toys to ensure they receive a mental challenge with each and every meal.
  • Will my puppy get to play?
    YES! Socialization is a key piece of development for all puppies, and we want to ensure that each pup has a positive, confidence growing experience with other dogs. Our k9 Concierges hand pick the dogs in play groups with your puppy to create a playful atmosphere that reinforces appropriate play behaviors and social skills for your puppy. As noted earlier, if pups are demonstrating hormone driven behaviors, they may require individual playtime, in which case, our k9 Concierges will provide stimulation and enrichment through games and affection to keep your pup exercised and socialized Our trainer selects and analyzes all Boarding School puppy play groups to confirm your pup gains social skills without losing any positive obedience behaviors. Puppy play group also offers a great reinforcement for short training sessions- puppies in Boarding School must work to earn their play time!
  • Will my puppy receive training?
    Puppies in our regular Weekend Retreat will not receive any specific training. However, we maintain a consistent schedule and structure to ensure every puppy can comfortably settle into a routine during their stay with us. Boarding School puppies will receive training sessions based on the program set up by you and our trainer. Programs may include short training sessions throughout the day, two longer training sessions or 1 hour session each day that your pup is in our care. When you discuss your training goals with our trainer, you will both agree upon what session set up will benefit your pup the most. Some common puppy training goals are crate training, potty training, in home settling, basic obedience, social skills with kids, and appropriate play with other dogs.
  • Does my puppy get to go potty at night?
    YES! We want your pup to feel comfortable and relaxed each night when we turn the lights off. We are one of the very few facilities that offers an evening potty break. Most boarding kennels leave at 6 or 7pm and are unable to return until the next morning. Our k9 Concierges return at 9pm each night to allow your pup one additional outside potty break, followed by our exclusive tuck in service before saying goodnight.
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