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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets PC Dog Center apart from the pack?

We believe that outdoor time is key to your dog's mental and physical well being. We encourage our clients to enjoy as much outdoor time as possible (we even offer a Jacket Valet service for those colder winter days!). While we are approved for the same number of canine guests as other facilities, we do NOT accept that many reservations, and yet we do keep the same number of staff members. We aim for a ratio of 10-12 dogs per staff member, which means that your dog receives the one on one attention they need to thrive on their vacation!


What does a day look like for my dog?

Our days begin at 8am. Dogs are out in play groups (selected based on age/size/temperament and limited to 12 dogs per staff member) from 8-11am. They return to their private kennel space (or crate if preferred) for their midday break from 11am-2pm. Dogs return to play group from 2pm-5pm. While we technically close at 5pm, we have a night staff that comes in from 9-10pm and takes the dogs out in the yards for a final evening potty break in the groups they play with during the day. Dogs who are not sociable with other dogs or who require specialized groups are brought out in a separate yard throughout the day to ensure they still get their full day of outdoor play as well. 

Typically dogs are fed at 8:30am and again at 4pm, which is why we kindly ask that dogs are dropped off before 4pm if at all possible.


What will my dog do if there is extreme weather?

Many dogs enjoy being outside even in colder/warmer temperatures. We do our best to make dogs as comforatble as possible. In the warm summer months, we offer large water tanks for swimming and lounging in to reduce heat stress. We also benefit greatly from large shady trees in our yards. In the winter months, we have outdoor patio heaters to provide warming spaces for our guests as well as a Jacket Valet service where we put on your pup's coat prior to outdoor time and remove it when returning to their private space. In the cases of extreme weather (hail, lightening, freezing conditions, etc.), we forgo our midday break and offer the dogs shorter more frequent group outings, always striving to provide the maximum outdoor time as is comfortable for your individual dog. 


What about my older pup?

We LOVE our senior pups! We are very selective about our senior dogs, as we want to ensure they are truly able to enjoy their time with us. We will often accomodate our senior pals in our front office, either during the day, where our seniors can enjoy roaming inside with an office staff member, or even overnight if kennel free boarding is most comfortable for your dog. Our goal is to reduce the stress on your dog- especially for senior dogs, who may struggle more in new environments. We will usually have senior dogs enjoy selective group play or individual yard excursions to keep them safer from incidents.


What is with the Mid Day Break?

Most dogs do not routinely play for 6 hours per day. Many pups in the Park City area might enjoy 1-2 hours of off leash activity per day, but they are not getting the consistent physical and mental stimulation that group play provides for this long. The midday break allows dogs to take a nap (as they often would at home), allows for individual or specialized socializers to get additional time outside, and for our staff to provide K9 Concierge Transportations as well as SPAW day baths. We understand that it may cause issue for some clients, and we ask that if a pick up/drop off during this time is required, simply call us and confirm availability of staff at least 24hrs in advance. 


How can I make my dog as comfortable as possible?

We strongly recommend that dogs who have not visited us before take advantage of our complimentary daycare day prior to their stay. This allows your pup to enjoy the center and head home at the end of the day. This can greatly alleviate stress a dog may feel with their first solo-vacation. This also allows the staff to meet your pup and get a sense of what will be the most helpful for their personality. We may suggest bringing your pup's crate/bed/favorite Kong toy/water bowl depending on the behaviors observed during this daycare session.

Typically, we recommend bringing your dog's food and a bed or blanket that smells like home. We have sturdy "chew resistant" cots that are always provided for guests, but having something familiar in their space each evening reduces anxiety (although we do ask that you only bring items that are not exceedingly precious to you or your dog in case your pup does chew on it during their stay).

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