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Retreat Options

By Dogs. For Dogs.

Every dog that stays with us is unique.

That's why we don't provide "one-size-fits-all" boarding and daycare services.

Look below to find the ideal experience for your pup!

Not sure what would be best? Ask our k9 Concierge


Whether it's one weekend or two weeks, the weekend retreat is the ideal choice for dogs who benefit from outdoor playtime (indoor play space also available for poor weather days). Included daily in this retreat option is 6 hours of group playtime, midday snack, two meal times, mini-cuddle session, and tuck in service each night after their evening potty break.

Boarding School retreat is a structured boarding program. This is perfect for younger dogs who might struggle returning home with their manners intact without some consistency. Dogs with higher levels of anxiety away from their owners also benefit greatly from this regimented schedule- giving them the safety and comfort of consistency. Included in this retreat option is 6 hours of group playtime, midday snack served in a puzzle toy, two meals served in varied puzzle bowls to increase mental stimulation, mini-training session and tuck in service each night following nighttime potty break.. 


Each day retreat at our mountainside getaway includes k9 Concierge Chauffer to and from our campus. Choose from the following Daycare options to give your pup the best experience:

Free Play Half Day- includes up to 4 hours of group playtime

Free Play Extended Day- includes a full day of group playtime

School Day- includes mini-training sessions throughout the Free Play Extended day

Socialite Day- includes social skill building sessions throughout the Free Play Extended day

Our guests are unique and special to us. We have several additional options owners can reserve to ensure that their dog experiences the best getaway retreat. Choose from the following Yummy Extras:

Premium Midday Snack- dental chew for extra stimulation and teeth cleaning

Plush Tuck In- ultra-soft sateen blanket provided for your pup at tuck-in

Puzzle Bowls- each feeding will provide a new challenge for your pup

Yappy Hour- seasonal evening treat, such as pupsicle, stuffed Kong or pupuccino

SPAWday- complete your dog's stay with a luxurious bath before checkout, visit our SPAW page

Field Trip- one-hour off leash group hike in the Uinta National Forest or other exciting locale

Training Sessions- turn mischief into manners, visit our Training Page

Individual Playtime- solo pups & families will enjoy a variety of their favorite playtime activities

Image by James Barker

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