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SPAW Haven

An ideal ending to the ideal Retreat!

What's better than a happy and tired dog? A CLEAN, happy and tired dog!

Our Spaw Haven offers the following bath options to conclude your dog's vacation at Park City Dog Center:

-Relaxing Lavender & Mint: ideal for dogs that may need to unwind after their weekend of play

-Deodorizing Kiwi Blossom: the perfect selection for dogs that normally exude the Eu d' Dog a little too much


-Tea Tree Oil: this Veterinary formula reduces itches and is a great choice for dogs that deal with dry skin or hot spots


-Furminator: Exclusive Furminator brand shampoo to help reduce unwanted shedding

Additional Services:

-Blow Dry

-Comb Out/Brush Out

-Furminator Brush through

-Furminator Scrub wash

-Conditioning Mask

-Teeth Brushing*

-Ear Cleaning*

-Nail Trim* (with grinder only)

*Requires behavioral approval by our trainer prior to reservation.

Image by Anthony Duran
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